Spirit Mirror Studio

Support for your spiritual journey

Spirit Mirror Studio provides a safe and welcoming space to explore the potential meanings of dreams, and to celebrate and cultivate your own unfolding spiritual journey -- without being limited to any particular faith tradition. 

About Spirit Mirror Studio

You are invited to use creativity and the arts to explore spiritual questions, deepen your insight into nightly dreams, and to expand your awareness of spiritual possibilities in a welcoming, interfaith, non-creedal setting.  Individual sessions are available for:

 - Dream exploration 
 - Spiritual companionship 
(traditionally called spiritual direction)
Dream groups and workshops are offered periodically.

No one but you can travel your unique spiritual path, but it can make a great difference to find companionship to consider where you have come from, appreciate the depth of what is happening now, and navigate the spiritual terrain ahead.

Questions?   Please contact Laura Prickett.

Member, Spiritual Directors International
Member, International Association for the Study of Dreams