Spirit Mirror Studio: Laura's Bio

Laura Prickett is an interfaith spiritual director and dream group facilitator, and leads dream exploration workshops. She holds a Certificate in Spiritual Direction from the Chaplaincy Institute, in Berkeley, California, and a Certificate in Dream Group Facilitation from the Marin Institute for Projective Dreamwork. Laura is a former Church of Christ missionary, has more recently served as a Unitarian Universalist lay leader, completed training as an Aspirant with the Come As You Are Pagan congregation in Alameda, California, and is working toward ordination as an interfaith minister at the Chaplaincy Institute. She is passionate about supporting people in deepening their experience of spirituality in whatever faith traditions or spiritual practices resonate with them. Laura upholds the Spiritual Directors International (SDI) Guidelines for Ethical Conduct and is currently preparing guidance for spiritual directors to support clients in exploring their dreams for insight and discernment