Spirit Mirror Studio: Dream Exploration

Have you ever awakened from a dream feeling that it was incredibly important, without knowing what to do about it?

Dream messages come in symbols that are often foreign to the waking mind.  But even if we don't understand them, dreams help bring balance to our lives, shining light on issues that may have been crowded out from our conscious mind -- the same way a tree "knows" to balance growth on one side with branches on the other.

Dreams – even the disturbing ones – can help us grow in health and wholeness.

When dreams are frightening or disturbing, it is often best to focus on grounding ourselves in feeling safe and calm.  After successfully reaching a place of centeredness and safety, we may find that there is a wealth of insight that we can discover from dreams -- even those that are disturbing.

Tips for working with your dreams

For tips on working with your dreams, click here.

Dream exploration services

Through Spirit Mirror Studio, Laura Prickett offers dream exploration services to individuals and groups. Sessions may include:

 - Re-enacting a dream on a "paper stage" using simple art materials
 - Developing dream-inspired collage, poetry, and other art forms
 - Interviewing dream characters 
 - Playing a dream forward through imagination and simple art materials
 - Mapping connections between dreams and your spiritual journey

Laura subscribes to the International Association for the Study of Dreams' (IASD) Dreamwork Ethics Statement.
She is a member of IASD and holds a Certificate in Dream Group Facilitation from the Marin Institute for Projective Dreamwork.