Dream Exploration Workshop

The dream exploration workshop presents a self-directed approach for tapping into your inner wisdom and exploring how your dreams resonate with meaningful issues in your life. This workshop has been presented at conferences of the International Association for the Study of Dreams and is offered periodically. You can click here to join the mailing list or ask about the next workshop. You can also click here to read an evaluation summary for past workshops, as well as tips for working with dreams.

Interfaith Spiritual Companionship

Spiritual companionship, which is also called spiritual direction, provides an opportunity to reflect on your spiritual path and opportunities for deepening your personal spirituality or relationship with the divine. Interfaith spiritual companionship can involve finding inspiration from more than one faith tradition. Please click here to inquire about the availability of a free consultation, to see if this would be a good opportunity for you. You can also click here to read tips for spiritual companionship.